Faceback founder Katie Etheridge awarded place on School for Social Entrepreneurs programme


The face behind Faceback, Katie Etheridge, has been awarded a place on Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme, provided by the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Katie says:

“I’m delighted to be joining the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Over the next 12 months I’ll be harnessing the potential of Faceback by evolving the project into a fully fledged social enterprise that will offer more communities and organisations a fun, intelligent, and accessible way of connecting diverse constituents.

As an advocate of the power of face-to-face social networks, I believe that Faceback has the potential to be a unique tool for increasing community wellbeing and cohesion, by creating exciting encounters between people who wouldn’t normally meet, in rural and urban neighbourhoods across the UK.

I know myself that an unexpected conversation can put a smile on your face and change the rhythm of your day. Millions of people in the UK however are experiencing social isolation at a time when we are told we have never been more connected (via online social media etc). By developing Faceback through the SSE programme, I hope to find out how face-to-face social networks can actually make a difference to all our lives.”

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About The School for Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) is a charity that supports people using entrepreneurial approaches to tackle complex social problems. SSE invests in individuals from all backgrounds who have practical ideas for change and supports people to start, sustain, and scale social enterprises, charities and community projects. We run learning programmes and courses, provide advice and support, give grants, build partnerships, and share our evidence and insights.

Our vision is of a fair and equal society where the potential of all people is fully realised.

Our mission is to mobilise the experience of enterprising people from all backgrounds and support them to use entrepreneurial approaches to create lasting social and environmental change.